StarStarStarStarStar So glad I came to Westford Smiles — Jane K.

As a person with some life long extra complicated dental and occlusion issues, I am very glad I finally "found" Doctor Kare. I had suffered with muscle and head aches for many years due to what was termed "TMJ". Over years many different dentists treated my problems with minimal success. An oral surgeon suggested that I talk to Dr. Kare. He really listened to me about my issues and suggested a treatment plan for me. Within a very short time I was feeling much more comfortable. Dr. Kare has now been "my dentist" for several years. I'm 75 yrs old and have lost some teeth along the way. With the benefit of some implants I not only look and feel better, but I can also chew different foods I could not have in the past. Both my husband and myself have complete trust in Doctor Kare.

May 25, 2018