StarStarStarStarStar Walking Tall Again — William F.

I highly recommend visiting Dr Brill's Theraputic Solutions Chriopractic and Wellness Center. He has the experience, equipment, staff and personality that will make you into a new person. I am able to walk and hold my head up a ltitle bit higher without experiencing the back and neck pain which brought me to his Office. Having never gone to a chiropractor before I was a little leery, but just had back surgery 3 years prior I knew that was not what I wanted and was convinced that I would have this pain for the rest of my life. Searching for some kind of pain relief I decided to give chiropractor a try. Wow was I glad I did, Dr. Brill and his staff have virtually elimitated my back pain and simultaneously is working on my neck to give my more flexibility and range of motion in my neck which was giving me pain in my right upper arm. I recommend anyone who has been experiencing chronic pain go see Dr. Brill and staff! This has been a "Life Altering Event" for me.

Aug 30, 2018