StarStarStarStarStar The doctors portion of the call was very good a... — Jerry D.

The doctors portion of the call was very good and friendly. The selection of the eye was fine. The person helping me with the selection and the fitting was sick and should not have been working. She was coughing and her nose was running. She would wipe her nose and then put her hands to my face to measure and fit the glasses. I hope I don't come down with what she has. When it came time to explain the final cost of the visit and glasses she had to have another person explain it to her so she could explain it to me. The costs and discounts were confusing and I was shocked at the final cost. If they are going to recommend certain types of lenses they should explain that they are very expensive before you get the final bill. When it takes 2 people and 15 minutes to explain your final bill you feel like there was a pricing game going on. I was planning on calling the office today to voice my concerns about having a sick person touching and breathing in my face while fitting my glasses. Not a good decision on their part.

Feb 20, 2018