StarStarStarStarStar First Time Patient Experience — Jason S.

I moved from Seattle to Spokane in July 2018 and needed to find a new Ophthalmologist that offered the "Optomap Retinal Exam." I had been remiss about getting my eyes examed on schedule; my last visit was in 2014. I Googled providers offering the services I was interested in and view all the listing and ratings, I selected Eye For Life and here is why. My vision needs are unique, and Dr Robertson care was collaborative and patient-centered. Both patient and provider and provider staff have to team for better healthcare outcomes. I was their last patient of the day, and I closed the office down without feeling rushed! One of the three pairs of glasses I ordered were "Transitions NEW Style Colors & Style Mirrors: Make a Style Statement This Summer" Just came out earlier this month. I was the first patient to order the "Mirrors" so new that the billing system and my eye insurance. Received a call this afternoon and was at work when I returned the call office staff detailed the billing amounts and I came within my budget. Looking forward to my new glasses and being able to see much clear. Without reservation I recommend Eyes For Life.

Jul 25, 2018