StarStarStarStarStar I made a GREAT choice! — Yerardin A.

I'm always sketchy when trying a new Dentist. I had been with my old dentist for years but towards the end, I was never fully satisfied with their service. On my first day here, I was convinced that this will be my dentist from now on. The staff was amazing and the service was great. Dr. Vyas was also great. He cared for me and my teeth. Since then, I have been coming to this dentist. After Dr. Vyas retired and Dr. Chhotu took over, I thought that I was going to have to start looking for a new dentist. I was mistaken. Dr. Chhotu is just as great as Dr. Vyas. I never have to wait long to be attended. Whatever time is my appointment is when they take me in. I usually get there 5 minutes before my appointment time and I only wait 5 minutes (longest time I've had to wait). I am usually extremely shy when speaking to people, not to mention very self conscious when people are looking at my imperfections, but when I am there, Rudy as well as the rest of the staff make me feel comfortable.

Apr 26, 2016