StarStarStarStarStar They Go the The Extra Mile — J Brad W.

I recently moved to Charlottesville and did not have a dentist yet when one of my molars started hurting. I found Swett Dentistry, which had high ratings, on Yelp. I called to make an appointment, and when the staff member learned I was experiencing pain, she moved the appointment to an earlier date, on the next Tuesday. Unfortunately, my toothache took a major turn for the worse over the weekend. I managed the pain the best I could, then called the dentist office Monday morning to see if they could help ease my pain. Immediately they made an appointment for me to come in that same day.. Dr. David and the staff member helping me did a great job determining that I needed a root canal and went the extra mile to contact periodontists (which apparently weren't open that Monday in observance of the MLK Jr. holiday) to set up an appointment for me the next day. Dr. Swett prescribed an antibiotic and pain medicatiion to help start to make things more bearable until my periodontist appointment. The staff member even walked down to the office of a nearby periodontist when they didn't answer their phones, to see if anyone was there. I am very pleased with Swett Dentistry, and based on my experience would recommend them to anyone.

Jan 17, 2017