StarStarStarStarNo Star Its the second time I am going to your office. ... — Marlene M.

Its the second time I am going to your office. I don't know what I have. My name is Marlene Mancina. I went the first time with the complaint of a halo in my right eye and sparks at night when in the dark. First one to see me was Dr Aran, at the end he gave me a piece of paper with a few instructions of what to do if something happens, no medicines, no explanation. I went the second time yesterday, now with Dr. Mansur. After a few drops and a checking of the eyes, where the Dr. was telling the helper all that he finds out, at the end I got the same thing, a graphic that I have to see in case of distortion, and a vitamin over the counter for the eye. Nobody says what do I have. Can somebody please, tell me what I have?. The halo still in my eye, the headaches still, the irritation continuous. What do I have to do to get a diagnostic and a remedy?

Aug 22, 2018